Ray Collis

Taking Hospital Procurement To The Emergency Room

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Here are the next 5 strategies to improve hospital success via procurement best practice:

7. A strategy for different categories of spending and how they are to be managed.  It is important to recognize that a different approach is required for medical devices than for hospital consumables.

8. Reduce the complexity of buying
as much as possible, through increased standardization, the concentration of suppliers and SKUs.

9. Re-negotiates supplier contracts
, reviewing contract compliance and supplier performance.  Instigate improved competitive tendering procedures.

10. Use systems to track and control spending, as well as to cut the cost of order processing and supplier payment administration.

11. Improved inventory management in respect of supplies, with a goal for reducing stock-outs and at the same time cutting the money tied up in stock and the costs that result. 


A More Enlightened Approach To Procurement

A word of caution – Old fashioned notions of procurement won’t cut it.  It is going to take a lot more than bureaucracy and paper-pushing.

What is needed is an advanced form of procurement embracing a collaborative approach to meeting the needs of all stakeholders.

The willing participation of stakeholders is a prize that only results from consultation and collaboration.

Procurement needs to re-position itself as a value adding function that serves financial as well as other hospital goals and partners with others, including suppliers and intermediaries, in a supply chain.

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