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In Search Of The Number 1 Sales Question

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Linking Your Solution To The Buyer’s Success

As a sales person you obviously want to link your solution to the buyer’s success.  So the goal is to present the benefits of your solution in terms of the impact on the buyer’s key metrics.




Helping The Customer To Visualize Success

Asking the Success Question is not just about numbers and cold business logic. You want to connect with the buyer’s vision for success.  That is why the question asks ‘what does success look like for you?’  It is aimed at helping the buyer to envision or visualize success at both a personal, departmental and organizational level.



As a salesperson you want to connect your solution with the buyer’s vision of success, even his/her hopes aspirations and dreams.  That makes the No. 1 Question an exercise in creative visualization and motivation.  It is positive and future-focused.

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