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6 Ways Buyers Can Defeat Seller’s Ploys

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It is with just reason that buyers are skeptical of sellers and their ploys. The result is that they have developed a variety of means of keeping sellers in check.

6 Ways Buyers Can Defeat Seller's Ploys

Here are some of the tips given by experienced buyers to their novice colleagues on the subject of managing sellers:

  1. Silence is golden! – Be guarded in terms of sharing information with vendors regarding budget, timeline, criticality and your organizational chart.
  2. Don’t be so grateful! – Don’t fall for the special treatment and don’t feel indebted to the vendor for any trip, seminar, or event.
  3. Don’t drink and buy! – No matter how much you think you can handle your alcohol, never drink with a vendor.
  4. Maintain your own pace! – Don’t be encouraged to speed up, or slow down your process by the vendor.
  5. Set the rules of engagement! – Set out what contact with salespeople is appropriate at the different stages of the buying process.
  6. Thanks, but no thanks! – Ensure clear written policies with respect to vendor gifts.
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