Our Tools

We have a range of powerful tools to help sellers engage on a new level with their buyers (including procurement).  They are designed to improve deal success.   A sample of our tools is as follows:


The Value Case Builder™

How compelling is your proposition?  The Value Case Builder™ guides you step by step through building a compelling business case for your customer to buy, buy now and buy from you (as opposed to your competitors).  Click here to get a high level insight into the Value Case Builder.

3D Deal Manager

We have analysed 1000′s of buying decisions, grouping them in terms of complexity and identifying common patterns and consistent decision making variables.  The result is a powerful tool to help sellers pre-qualify, forecast and close more effectively.  Click here for a high level overview of the 3D Deal Manager.

Procurement Styles Index™ 

The new reality of selling is that procurement is going to be involved. But what exactly will their role be? Will they stand on the sidelines, or get actively involved and how exactly should the salesperson interact with them?  For an overview click here.

Blueprint For The Complex Sale™

Examine any sales pipeline and you will find it contains some opportunities that are complex and some that are not. Indeed, look closely enough and you will see that there are as many as 4 different levels of complexity to be found.  This tool enables you to position the deal in terms from the perspective of the buyer and presents recommendations on the sales strategy for maximum success.

Align You Sales Process With Your Buyer’s

Sellers often admit to gaps in the understanding of the buyer’s motivation, or process.   This can lead to costly mistakes in terms of winning the deal.  Our SellerNAV™ toolkit maps your sales process and skills against that of your buyer and pinpoints opportunities for improvement.

The Buyer Test Your Knowledge Of Buying Trends

How well do you understand the key trends in buying?   That is the trends that are changing how your customers buy.  Our diagnostic tools help you to test your knowledge of the key trends in buying and to then tackle the areas where there are gaps.  Click here to see a summary view of the tool.

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