Planning A Sales Conference, or Event?

What is the hottest topic in selling this year?  Well, its buying.  Or to be more precise how buying has changed and the implications for sellers.  

Yet, few sales consultants and trainers can talk knowledgeably on the subject.  A notable exception is Ray Collis and John O Gorman – the original creators of Buyer Insights.


Get To The Root Of  Key Sales Challenges

The most dramatic changes in selling relate have their origin in a transformation in buying.  Our speeches and workshops focus on the 5 trends that underpin so many of the changes in selling:

1. Buyers are more demanding and increasingly sophisticated!

2. Competitive tendering is on the rise!

3. Buyers are increasingly obsessed with price!

4. Procurement is ever more powerful!

5. Deals are taking longer and are more difficult to predict!

As recognised global leaders in the field of selling to professional buyers, we can provide your audience with the tools to meet these challenges head on.  We show salespeople how to transform these challenges into opportunities.

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Transform Challenges Into Sales Opportunities 

Our research with buyers in some of the world’s largest organisations is the basis for a range of tools that will provide a real sales advantage for your attendees.  That includes:

– Improving access to decision makers
– Increased success in competitive tenders
– A stronger hand in price negotiations
– More productive interaction with procurement.

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KeyNote Speaking & Advanced Sales Workshops  

In addition to keynote speaking we provide modules and interactive workshops, such as our deal closing workshop that Boosts Closing Success By Up To 30% In Just 8 Hours! Sounds incredible, well that is exactly what happened to a group of salespeople we worked with recently.  Click here for more details.

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