Can Sellers Really Help Buyers To Buy?

Can Sellers Really Help Buyers To Buy? Well, if you listen to buyers the answer is a disappointing ‘no’.

Oh, that buying was so simple!!

The 5 steps model of buying is a one dimensional picture of buying can catch the salesperson off his, or her guard.

Traditional Sales Skills Can Be Part of The Problem, Not The Solution

If you are still focused on selling skills, then you are missing the bigger picture.  That is because the role of traditional selling skills in sales success has been sidelined.  A great number of them are outdated and outmoded.  Indeed if you listen to your prospects, they may be the problem, rather than the solution. [...]

The Ultimate Test of The Sales Pro: Helping Buyers To Buy

‘Helping the buyer to buy’ may sound soft, compared to pitching, persuading and closing for example. However, the reality couldn’t be more different.

Buyers & Sellers Share Little In Common!

When buyers and sellers meet they are often on the opposite site of a meeting room table.  Their roles are as different as those of doctor and patient, or teacher and student. We often talk about buying as selling turned inside out.  But just how much have buying and selling in common?  More to the [...]

Myth # 1. It’s All About Selling!

This entry is part of 7 in the series Myths About Buying

Many sellers have spent too long on one side of the table to be able to relate to buyers and exactly what they are thinking. They need to stop looking at selling through a sales-centered lens. (a) It’s About Buying! ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’ is a phrase that played an important role in the election [...]

Helping The Buyer To Go Faster

Understandably accelerating the sale is an obsession for sellers at this time. However, as every professional salesperson knows when buyers are pushed, they push backtwice as hard.  One thing is increasingly clear – buyers won’t be rushed into a decision, especially not the wrong decision. A sales cycle that is progressing slowly needs more interaction not [...]


Buyers Redefine Selling

It is well worth taking a few minutes to check that your view of selling is the same as that of the buyer.
You may well be surprised to find that it is not!


Buying Process Trumps Sales Process


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