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The B2B Sales Revolution™

The B2B Sales Revolution
The B2B Sales Revolution™ reveals what is really involved in today’s major buying decisions.

Based on research with managers and buyers in organizations such; Merril Lynch, Citigroup, HP, Vodafone and Roche, it:

• Provides a rare insight into what actually happens in major purchase decisions – that is the 3 new realities of buying and their impact on selling.

• Shows just how much buying has changed in recent years and the revolutionary impact of budget cuts, mounting compliance and other factors on getting the sale.

• Highlights the implications for all aspects of selling – from lead generation to closing the sale. That includes what buyers now want sales pitches and proposals to contain.

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TidalWave Selling

The 12 Megatrends In Buying That Shape Your Sales Success.

‘As salespeople we have got used of stalled buying decisions,
competitive tendering, complex buying processes, supplier
concentration, and so on. But do we really understand them?

This book (due out in Q4 2013) is aimed at helping you to understand the 12 mega trends,
or TIDALWAVES in buying. Why? Because they determine if your
sales team will sink or swim.

To put it more simply – your future commission cheques depend on
how quickly you recognise and adapt to the key changes in
modern buying.’

A version for other business executives who need to get their projects or purchases approved, called Tidal Wave Buying will also be published.


QuickWin B2B Sales

QuickWin B2B Sales
QuickWin B2B Sales was designed so that you can dip in and out seeking answers to your top B2B sales questions, as they arise, there are seven sections to the book:
• Sales Essentials
• Sales Leads
• Sales Meetings
• Sales Cycles
• Sales Orders
• Repeat Sales
• Sales Management

In addition, using the grid in the Contents, you can search for questions and answers across a range of topics, including: Message & Materials, Skills, Strategy and Systems & Structures.

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