Why Buyer Insights?

The ASG Group helps B2B sales teams to prevent and un-lock stalled deals using the latest research into how buyers buy.

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[expand title=”Why Buyer Insights??“]

Buyer Insights started off as Seller Insights in 2007, with a small section on what buyers want. However, it was the area that proved to be the most exciting, both for our customers and for ourselves.

In 2010 we stropped writing sales tips from the traditional sellers perspective (felling that that was pretty well covered in the marketplace) and focused all our research on the buyer perspective.   In particular, how today’s more sophisticated buyers want to be sold to.



[expand title=”What’s The Philosophy?“]

We are driven to share the perspective of the modern buyer with the sales professional – so that both parties can benefit.  The objective is to help sellers to adjust to the revolution in modern buying.

Although Buyer Insights is written for sellers, it has a growing readership among buyers too.   That is great because a deeper mutual understanding between the two parties is also our aim.



[expand title=”Why Is It Different?“]

Buyer Insights is fundamentally challenging.  Every article is based on the new realities of buying, many of which can present significant challenges for sellers.  For the seller that is prepared it can also present opportunities.

– The balance of power has shifted between buyer and seller.  In these low growth time more suppliers are chasing fewer customers.

– Buying is under greater control and scrutiny than ever before.  Those mangers wishing to spend their company’s money now have procedures, policies and processes to follow.

– Procurement is increasingly powerful, with more committees, more paperwork and more approvals required.  There are also more projects and purchases competing for a smaller budget.

– Added to that buyers have access to much more information, and are no longer dependent on sellers as a source of information.  The result is that they are calling on sellers much later in the buying cycle.



[expand title=”What’s An Insight?“]

We love statistics, but we aim for more.  We want to share insights.  To solve problems.  To shed new light.

Here’s the dictionary definition of an insight: ‘…sheds light on or helps solve a problem.’



[expand title=”How’s It Written?“]

Buyer Insights is not written by academics, although Ray and John both hold First Class Masters Business Degrees.      Its writing style is conversational and easy to read.

While you will find references to surveys and publications, the aim is to provide an insight that can be quickly translated into action in the sales cycle.

We recognise that there are subtleties and nuances to every subject and that for every topic there are any number of positions that could be adopted.  Our objective is to take the view that for the majority of readers is likely to have the greatest meaning/impact.  We trust the reader to then tailor and apply to the specifics of their customer base and industry.

You may not agree with everything you read on Buyer Insights.  But it will challenge you.  If it provokes and to compels then we believe our job is done.



[expand title=”What’s The Research Behind It?“]

The insights are based on research with buyers in large organisations globally.  This research includes:

– Survey research with buyers and in particular in depth or qualitative research

– Analysis of procurement policy and practices in large organisations

– The ongoing review of procurement sites and publications

– Attendance / participation at major procurement events.



[expand title=”What’s The Scope of The Research?“]

The insights found on Buyer Insights relate exclusively to the complex B2B sale.  That is where the cost of sales is high and sales cycle takes many months – that is where there are many steps and people involved in the buying process.[/expand]


[expand title=”What Sectors Are Covered?“]Our research into trends in buying that impact on selling, covers best practice in procurement and supply chain management in respect of: Pharmaceutical, ICT and Services Industries.[/expand]


[expand title=”What Companies Are Studied?“]

We track best practice in terms of procurement and supply chain management – with a focus in particular on the trends that will eventually be adopted industry-wide.

Approx. 70% of the organizations we research belong to the Fortune 1000.[/expand]


[expand title=”How To Access More Of The Research?“]

Looking for research into buying trends in your particular industry / sector?  Want to tackle a specific sales challenge in relation to how your customer buy?

Buyer Insights  presents only a small proportion of the research undertaken by The ASG Group.

If you would like to find out more please contact us.



[expand title=”Want To Syndicate, or Share Links?“]If you would like to share our content with your customers/audience, or to share links please contact us.[/expand]


[expand title=”Who Publishes Buyer Insights?“]Buyer Insights is powered by The ASG Group – leaders in selling to the professional buyer.  It is edited by the company’s Buyer Research Practice.[/expand]


[expand title=”Want To See Our Terms & Conditions?“]

Buyer Insights is designed to provide useful information.  While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, it is the reader’s responsibility to discern what  information is relevant to their business and to validate any strategies before their implementation.  The Authors cannot be held responsible for any losses.  With that in mind here is the legal stuff:

You assume full responsibility for use of material produced by The ASG Group. The ASG Group shall not be liable for, (i) your use and application of  Buyer Insights or related materials, (ii) its adequacy, accuracy, interpretation or usefulness, and (iii) the results or information developed from your use or application of it.

You waive any claim or rights of recourse on account of claims against the Stipulated Parties either in your own right, or on account of claims against the Stipulated Parties by third parties. You shall indemnify and hold the Stipulated Parties harmless against any claims, liabilities, demands or suits of third parties.

The foregoing waiver and indemnity shall apply to any claims, rights of recourse, liability, demand, or suit for personal injury, property damage, or any other damage, loss or liability, directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or in any way connected with the tools, or the use, application, adequacy, accuracy, interpretation, usefulness, or management of the tools, or the results or information developed from its use, and whether based on contract obligation, tort liability (including negligence) or otherwise.

In no event will The ASG Group be liable for any lost profits or other consequential damages, or for any claim against you by a third party, even if one or more of The ASG Group has been advised of the possibility of such damages.[/expand]






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