Buying Has Changed!

The Buying Revolution

Accelerated by the slowdown, as well as mounting compliance requirements, buying has undergone a revolution.  Buyers have re-written the rules of how they buy. The only problem is that they have not told sellers about it.  That is until now.

Did You Know There Was A Revolution?

Last year’s cold call, sales pitch and sales proposal are at odds with the new sophistication of modern buying.

Specifically, they are ill-equipped to deal with the new realities of:

1. THE BUYING PROCESS – the steps required for a purchase to be sanctioned

2. THE BUSINESS CASE – the business decision behind the purchase

3. THE BUYING TEAM – the fact that decisions are being made higher and wider

To ensure the purchase gets sanctioned sellers must address these fundamental needs.  But, are you ready?

The latest research on how buyers buy
Who makes the buying decision