John O' Gorman

Why Last Year’s Sales Pitches Are Missing The Mark

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Seller’s cold calls, sales pitches and sales proposals are increasingly missing the mark.  However, these are just symptoms of a more fundamental problem.    That is: the way organizations are sold to is increasingly at odds with how they buy.

How has this mismatch occurred?  Well, it is because most sellers don’t realize that a revolution has taken place in respect of how important buying decisions are made.

Yes, they know that buying decisions are taking longer and face greater uncertainty, but they under estimate just how sophisticated they have become. Sellers are playing catch up in terms of the structure, sophistication and skill of today’s buyers.

What are the implications? As a consequence, vendors and their well trained sales forces, once powerful and in control, are increasingly to be found waiting in the hallway, while major buying decisions are made in board rooms and corner offices.

What is the solution?  The number one challenge facing sales organizations is to adapt how they sell to reflect the changed nature of corporate buying. Buyers are holding on to their money.  To encourage them to let go sellers must understand how buying decisions are now being made.

Missing the target

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