John O' Gorman

Big Name Suppliers Get The Boot

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Yet another big IT project is in trouble reports the The Guardian.  The 750 million UK electronic border control project was awarded in 2007 to a consortium that included Raytheon, Serco, Accenture, Detica and QinetiQ.  Some 3 years later The Home Office has sacked The consortium and is seeking to award the contract to another.

The bigger they are the harder they fall.

The Guardian quotes a Home Office statement: “The home secretary has no confidence in (consortium leader) Raytheon, which since July 2009 has been in breach of contract. With critical parts of the programme already running at least 12 months late, we have taken the decision to terminate the e-Borders contract with [the consortium].

The e-Borders system is supposed to vet travellers entering or leaving the country by checking their details against police, security and immigration watch lists.

Wining The Sales, But Losing The Customer

It is a clear example of winning the sale only to lose the customer, or the promise being greater than the performance.  “The government is determined to get value for money from its major contracts and requires the highest standard of performance from its suppliers” warns the Home Office.

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