John O' Gorman

Sellers Look Out for Buyer Cold Feet

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Sales people are increasingly learning that there is no such thing as a ‘sure thing’ sale. That is because as the sale approaches the buyer can get ‘cold feet’ and the salesperson may be the last person to know about it.

For example, the salesperson’s proposal, presentation and price beats the competition, but somebody on the buying group raises a concern about the supplier’s track record and credibility – after all the company is relatively new.Overwhelmed

Even if a vendor is ahead of the competition on the stated selection criteria, a fear based concern, even if unjustified, has the potential to overrule everything else. In the dynamics of a larger buying group there are often more concerns to assuage.  This makes the safe choice increasingly attractive.

Not surprisingly then buyer risk has risen to the top of the agenda for salespeople.

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