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Buyers Think Lean, But Can You Sell Lean?

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We met with some pharma buyers around a barbeque recently.  Although the food was rich, the talk was of lean.  Lean manufacturing, lean distribution, lean marketing and of course lean buying!

Naturally ‘lean’ is a word that appeals to buyers, more than sellers.  That is because rather than spending more it means:

  • Doing more for less
  • Making it go further
  • Curtailing spending
  • Sliming it down – cutting it back
  • Driving out new efficiencies
  • Extending its life – Retiring it later
  • Leveraging existing resources
  • Doing it in-house
  • Delaying it – stretching it out
  • Renegotiating the price
  • Driving a better deal
  • Focusing on results and effectiveness
  • Deliver maximise value for money

So therein lies the challenge for us as sellers in today’s business environment – lean selling.  Selling solutions that help buyers to achieve all the above objectives.  It is to be meaningfully able to include all of the above statements into our pitches, presentations and proposals.

That often means helping buyers to spend less, rather than more.  And when we do expect them to spend more it is to enable them to save even more still.

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