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It’s Time To Explore Some Myths About Buying

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In the face of the new reality of how buying decisions are made, it is now time to explode some of the myths that make old selling and new buying so difficult to reconcile. That is a total of 11 erroneous assumptions.

Myths About BuyingThese myths form part of the popular folklore of selling. They are the equivalent of flying saucers, Bermuda Triangles and Loch Ness Monsters of selling. Yet, they often go unquestioned and as salespeople we all cling to at least three or four of these beliefs. The problem is that just as thought precedes action, these beliefs determine our sales strategies and behaviors. So, to change we must tackle these myths.

Buying Myths

To quote Einstein, ‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking we were at when we created them’. In other words, the problem of getting buyers to buy cannot be solved with out-of-date thinking about selling.

What sellers can achieve through new sales productivity, sales process and sales skills initiatives is limited, unless the maps, paradigms and beliefs underpinning much of traditional selling are revised to reflect the new realities of modern buying.

On the other hand, sellers who stubbornly hold on to these beliefs are doomed to a spiral of diminishing sales effectiveness and falling conversion rates. The writing is on the wall — The Buying Revolution™ has turned the traditional views of selling on their head. Over the following pages we will deconstruct each of these myths one at a time.

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