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Myth #5: It Is A Buying Decision

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It is all about the buying decision, right? Well it used to be, but not anymore. Today’s major purchase requires not just a buying decision but a more fundamental businessdecision.

Saying that a major purchase is a business, as opposed to a buying decision is not just a play on words. The two are dramatically different. The six stage buying process examined earlier demonstrates this clearly — the process has all the hallmarks of a complex business decision. Take for example the level of planning involved. It is what one might associate with the decision to enter a new market or launch a new product.

The business decision is complex, as well as strategic. It is concerned with business goals, strategies and results. Buying decisions on the other hand tend to be more narrowly focused in terms of suppliers and specifications. The former therefore clearly requires a different type of selling to the latter.

Major purchasing decisions made by managers and their departments can have important strategic implications for the entire organization. So it is no surprise that business decision-making and project-planning principles are being applied or that managers are required to demonstrate how their purchases will drive business performance.

The buying process in respect of major purchases is in fact a ‘full-on’ business decision-making and planning process.

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