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Buying Logic Examined

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Clearly one of the key trends in respect of organizational buying is the movement towards the application of business logic to buying decisions.  

It is clear that features and benefits will not swing the big sale, forcing the seller to address the key economic, strategic and political issues if the purchase is to be sanctioned.

The Logic of the Buying Decision

Logic of the Buying Decision

There is certainly still a role for emotion and politics in complex buying. However, the increasingly structured steps of the buying process, as well as the process of sign-off and approval, have had the effect of putting business logic at the core of the buying decision. Remember, in the Fortune 1000 buying process model the terms ‘planning’ and ‘business case’ were mentioned almost 20 times.

The Buying Decision

The sales professionals succeeding in today’s business environment truly understand the combination of economics and strategy at the center of modern buying decisions. There is no alternative.

If salespeople attempt to woo buyers with anything less than solid business logic, say for example by listing the features and benefits, their luck is bound to fail them. The logic of the business case now dictates every element of the buying process, from initial need recognition through to buyer selection and onwards. When it comes to important purchases the business case is at the core of the buying decision.

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