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Are You Helpless To Prevent Stalled Buying Decisions?

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Why Deals Stall

One of the most popular B2B Sales Blogs from the US has just posted an interview with The ASG Group’s John O Gorman and Ray Collis on the subject of stalled deals.

The interviewer Dave Stein of ES Research Group asked Ray and John the following searching questions, with a snippet of the responses shown for each:

1. Why are deals getting stalled?

‘…our research shows that there are three key reasons why deals stall on the buying side…’

2. Are sellers helpless to re-ignite stalled deals?

‘…the seller needs to work on the inherent momentum of the deal by helping the buyer to answer the ‘why?’ question…’

3. How can sellers find new ways to shape the buyer’s decision?

‘…instead of writing a proposal the seller must build a compelling business argument that goes beyond features, benefits and competitive advantages…’

4. How can sellers write proposals that get deals approved?

‘…measure your pitches and proposals in terms of how well they communicate a compelling reason to buy and to buy now…’

You can find the full answers by clicking here:

Why Are Deals Stalling and What Can You Do About It?

Here is the conclusion drawn from the interview:

‘The seller is not helpless in the face of a stalled deal. The deal can be re-ignited by helping the buyer to build a compelling business case for the purchase. If he or she is to succeed the seller will also need to help the buyer to navigate the requirements of the organization’s buying process and build stakeholder support.’

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