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‘The Procurement Oscars’ – Our Nominations

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Recognizing Procurement Best Practice

We recently made our nominations for the EPIC Awards – the equivalent of the Oscars for indirect procurement. They include; P&G, La Poste France and Emerson.

Recognizing Procurement Best Practice

Organized by My Purchasing Centre and Procurecon, The EPIC Awards intends to honour Excellence in Purchasing Indirect Categories.

Now you might think it strange that sellers would nominate buyers for awards, but it makes perfect sense. Some buyers inspired and indeed challenged us more than others. In short we can learn a lot from them – learnings that can help us to sell more effectively in the new procurement environment.

Here are our nominations:

1. P&G – Herve Menassol – Global Capital Purchasing. Achieved cost savings of $290m (10%) and cost avoidance of $230m (8%). Procurement came to the rescue after a collapse in the company’s share price, demonstrating its strategic importance.

2. Le Groupe La Poste – Fabien Krawczyk – Hd. Indirect Procurement. Delivered new savings of up to 50m annually by targeting consulting spend. Fabien is an ex-consultant, so who better to lead an initiative aimed at cutting spend in that area..

3. Emerson – Steven Sonnenberg – Emerson CEO. Strong financial performance despite the impact of the Thailand flooding on its performance in 2011 – the company is presently risk-mitigating its entire supply chain. OK, the award is for procurement, but when a CEO ties procurement and supply chain management so closely to business performance, we think that merits attention.

If there is a buyer that you would like to nominate click here.

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