Buyers Are Taking ‘Baby Steps’

In an effort to minimize risk buyers are taking smaller steps as they progress towards major buying decisions.

How To Bypass The Competitive Tender?

It may surprise you to know that a significant volume of large purchasing in the public sector does not go to competitive tender. Here is why.

There May Be Flexibility In Even The Most Rigid Buying Process

As salespeople it is easy to assume that buyers have become more machine-like in their approach to buying and that means they overlook opportunities to engage with buyers to the full extent possible.

Buying Revolution Video Series, Part 2: How Buying Decisions Are Really Made

How Buying Decisions Are Really Made? Organizational buying, once ad hoc and unstructured, has become highly sophisticated and process-driven.  Although salespeople have noticed some changes, they often underestimate just how sophisticated buying has now become.  That means they are prone to over-estimating what deals will close and when. What Is In This Video? In this [...]

Selling Is Only Half The Solution!

As a profession we are continually focused on selling, new sales strategies and techniques, pre-qualifying the sale, accelerating the sale and even closing the sale. But, selling is only half the solution! As a profession we are discovering there is a whole lot more…


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