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How To Turn Buyer ON!

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How to switch buyers off?

Getting the buyer’ attention is more difficult than ever before.  Keeping their attention is an ever greater challenge – one that many marketers are struggling to do.

With this in mind we asked buyers for the inside track as to what pricks their interest.  Specifically we asked them what turns buyers ON, or to that matter what turns them OFF!  Then we made a list of the top 5 under each heading.

How to turn buyer ON!
  1. Send something specifically of interest to them.  Make sure it is personalised for; and tailor it to them.  Tailor the message by job function (e.g. CFO versus COO) and by market segment.
  1. Provide useful information, such as insights as to changes in their industry, competitors and peers.  That means material that is written by subject matter experts, not marketers.
  1. Get others to back up your claims, either analysts or customers.  Use independently verifiable customer stories and case studies to communicate the benefits of your solutions.
  1. Connect with their key business drivers, strategies and metrics.  Communicate a compelling business case, putting metrics and numbers, ahead of adjectives, in your messages
  1. Give them the space to digest your information, before you pounce.  That means allowing them to opt out of mailing lists and resisting the temptation to flood the inbox of those who sign-up.
How to turn buyer OFF!
  1. Send them the same thing as everything else, mass mailers, generic newsletters and glossy brochures.  Send unsolicited marketing blurb, and in particular too much of it.
  1. Send materials that have been written by copywriters and marketers, replete with adjectives, but lacking in an informative value.  That means expensive marketing brochures with glossy photo stock images.
  1. Make the same bland or sweeping claims as other vendors and don’t back them up, with either quantifiable results or independent validation.
  1. Talk about your company and its products / services, including long features and benefits lists.
  1. Relentlessly pursue those who download a whitepaper, or attend a webinar, sending several emails in just a short period of time.

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