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Re-Energizing Your Team Around Sales Performance Measures

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A powerful technique you can employ in your next sales team meeting.


Do you want to focus attention on the issue of sales activity and effectiveness among your team? Well here is a very powerful exercise you can apply at your next sales team meeting.  

It will enable you to get a consensus on the key opportunities for improving sales performance, while side-stepping the issues of personalities and politics that can often get in the way of taking action & making change.


Re-framing The Sales Performance Debate

There is a simple equation with which all the best sales managers are familiar. It is the ‘activity multiplied by effectiveness’ formula at the core of sales success. It is important in re-framing the debate around sales performance in any sales team.

‘Quality multiplied by quantity’ in terms of sales calls and meetings is the same formula in different words.

To apply the activity – effectiveness formula in a new more creative way – think of sales performance in terms of the two dials on the dashboard of a car.

the sales performance dashboard

The Rev Counter For Sales

The first dial is the Rev (RPM) counter showing if the engine is running idle, or fast.  This corresponds to the level of sales activity,or to be more precise the number or quantity of sales calls, sales meetings and opportunites being pursued. To change this dial you press the accelerator – firing up up the sales engine.

sales activity levelsThe Speed Dial For Sales

The second dial is the Speed dial showing miles or kilometers per hour (Mph, or KMph).  This is the results dial – showing the effectiveness of sales calls, meetings and opportunities, measured by win rates and conversions.   To change this dial you use the clutch and the gears.

Sales effectiveness


So, let’s examine the power of getting your team to use the dashboard analogy in your next sales team meeting.

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