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Re-Energizing Your Team Around Sales Performance Measures

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After everybody has shared their views, use the 2nd page of the template (shown below) to identify the Top 5 Barriers to increasing activity and effectiveness.

This is Step 4 and the point at which the focus turns to solutions to boost the quantity and quality of sales calls, meetings and opportunity development.

Use the template to write out 5 things that you can do to tackle the barriers to increasing either the quantity or quality dials.


By focusing on removing a barrier, rather than simply the presence of a barrier, you keep things positive and future focused.

Here is a list of the items most commonly identified by sales teams – it may inspire your own list.
The Top 5 strategies to boost activity & effectiveness

With your Top 5 lists complete. It makes sense to prioritize one or two items from each column – otherwise there is a danger that you will end up creating a long to-do list that won’t get put into action.

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