From Sales Person to Trusted Advisor – Making The Transition

Wouldn’t your job be a lot easier if your customers and prospects saw you as a trusted advisor, rather than a salesperson? Well if the answer is ‘yes’ then ‘Trust-Based Selling by Charles H. Green’s is a must read. Do Buyers Trust Salespeople? The reality is that the words ‘sales’ and ‘trust’ are rarely used [...]

Buyer-Seller Relationships: We Ask Dr. Phil for Advice

The straight talking TV psychologist Dr Phil Mc Graw would probably have a lot of say about the typical buyer-seller relationship. He might even go as far as calling some of them dysfunctional. After all, many buyer seller interactions are missing the following key ingredients: · Open communication · High levels of trust · High [...]

Let’s Get Real, or Let’s Not Play – transforming the buyer-seller relationship

Relationships between buyers and sellers are often dysfunctional, often being motivated by fear. For the buyer that is the fear of being talked into buying the wrong solution. For the salesperson it is the fear of missing target. Rather than working together for a win-win outcome, both sides are often pulling against each other. However, [...]

SELLING IS DEAD: Moving Beyond Traditional Roles and Practices to Revitalise Growth

The good news is that the market for your solution is much bigger than you think it is. The bad news is that you need a completely new way of selling in order to capitalize on it. This is the message of ‘Selling is Dead’ by Marc T Miller and Jason Sinkovitz. From time to [...]

Think Business Case Not Sales Proposal

Would you be surprised to know that many large organizations require a business case for purchases of as little as €20,000? Probably not. As one salesperson told us recently; ‘I have seen more business cases in the past year than I have in the previous 19 years’. With budgets being squeezed in response to the [...]


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