Sellers Keep Your Cool!

No salesperson ever sets out to give a buyer the hump, but that is what appears to be happening with increasingly regularity. Sellers are making obvious mistakes that can result in immediate disqualification. Hot-Headed Sellers Are Shown The Red Card An increasing numbers of sellers are unwittingly rubbing buyers up the wrong way. They are [...]

The New Buyer Obsession: Benefits Realization

Buyers have a new obsession. It is called ‘benefits realization’, or alternatively ‘benefits delivery’. They have lost faith that promises made before the sale will actually materialize and are determined to intervene to ensure that they do. Buyers Become Benefits-Obsessed It makes no sense for organizations to spend many months in planning the right strategies, [...]

Do You Know The Buyer’s ‘Should-Cost’ Estimate?

What the buyer expects your solution to cost has a major bearing on getting the sale. Yet most salespeople try to sell without actually knowing what the buyer’s ‘should-cost’ estimate is. That does not make sense. The reality is that most buyers don’t set about buying something without having an idea (however vague) of what [...]

How To Make The Cost Cutting Buyer Your Ally

The 6 buyer strategies for cost reduction and their implications for sellers Today’s buyers are hell-bent on cutting cost. However for sellers that need not be all bad news. Indeed, the latest wave of buyer cost cutting, with its broader and more sustainable focus, has the potential to take buyer-seller relationships to a new level. [...]

The Supply Chain Top 25 – Lessons From The Leaders

For suppliers what makes for great supply chain management is certain to be of interest.   That means a recent Gartner report on the Top 25 Supply Chain leaders makes interesting reading. Who are today’s leaders in terms of both buying and supplying? The answer is to be found from Gartner recently published Supply Chain [...]

Fortress Buying – Why Won’t Buyers Let You In?

More and more professional buyers are adopting a ‘fortress mindset’ in their approach to dealing with sellers. In short, they have erected defenses that are designed to keep sellers at bay. In this article, we examine how you can encourage buyers to lower their defenses…

Are You ‘Easy Prey’ For Aggressive Buyers?

With more sellers chasing fewer customers these days, do buyers have the upper hand? Well, according to buyers themselves, the answers is yes. However, it’s also apparent that some sellers are leaving themselves vulnerable to manipulation from increasingly aggressive buyers. In this article we look at what this means, as well as offering some advice [...]

Don’t Get Squeezed Between Procurement & Finance

The ‘cold war’ may now be over, but relations between procurement and finance within many organizations remain frosty. This can have many undesirable consequences for sellers, who may often find themselves unwittingly caught up in a power-struggle between the two functions. This article provides tips for sellers on how to avoid getting squeezed in the middle…

How To Avoid Getting Beaten-Up By Buyers

Sellers expect to have to slug it out with other suppliers, but they may find that they ‘lick the competition’ only to then be beaten-up by the buyer. We asked sellers about their most bruising buyer encounters and the lessons they had to offer…

Tips On Selling To The Maverick Buyer

Maverick buying has been all but outlawed in most organizations, even for relatively small or routine purchases. Managers today know that, if they want to spend their company’s money, they are going to have to play by the rules…

Your Sales Team Should Resemble The United Nations

“It was like The United Nations”, observed the sales director in describing the makeup of the sales team that had just arrived from his company’s consortium partner. Planning for preparing the multimillion-dollar bid was in full swing now that the team from the lead contractor in the consortium (a Fortune 1000 company) had arrived in its subsidiary partner’s boardroom…

Buyers Have Funnels Too!

Sales people are not the only ones who have funnels, buyers have them too!  I will let the IT Director of a large multi-national explain: ‘Last year we had 300 million worth of projects for consideration across the organisation, but only a budget of 100 million.   That meant we were faced with some very hard [...]

Welcome To Buyer Heaven

‘Buyers are in heaven right now’ proclaimed the country sales manager for one of the top 5 global IT vendors recently. But if buyers are in heaven, what does that mean for sellers?


Public Sector Buyers Ask ‘Where is the MEAT?’

In public Sector Buying Price Is Over-taken By Most Economically Advantageous Tender, but what are the implications for how you sell?


Better Buying Here We Come

The UK press puts UK public sector buying under the microscope resulting in some fascinating insights to the nature of public procurement decisions and an impetus for better buying.


Mass Scrapping of Public Projects Causes Seller Woe

Spare a thought for the many salesmen and women who are watching helplessly as anticipated commission cheques and purchase orders vanish as the new UK government reigns in public spending to the amount of a reported 10.5 billion of projects announced in the dying days of the outgoing administration. The cutbacks detailed in The Guardian [...]

Move over Facebook and Twitter, Peppo is Coming! 

The world of public procurement is about to be rocked by a little publicized initiative that threatens to be bigger than Facebook or Twitter. It could change the future of buying full stop!

Public Spending Goes Under The Microscope

The new UK Government has implemented a policy of openness regarding how the tax payer’s money is spent. But, what are the implications for sellers?

Selling Is Only Half The Solution!

As a profession we are continually focused on selling, new sales strategies and techniques, pre-qualifying the sale, accelerating the sale and even closing the sale. But, selling is only half the solution! As a profession we are discovering there is a whole lot more…

Bewildered By Today’s Buyers?

Buyers have rewritten the rules of modern buying.   They are adopting an increasingly structured and indeed scientific approach to how buying decisions are made.  The result is new steps, people and even logic involved in the buying decision.  The only problem is that most sellers are not aware of these changes. Without an understanding of [...]


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